Nesma Bensalem is a writer, filmmaker and visual artist, who graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2013. 


Born in Algiers, Algeria, Nesma found herself quickly exiled of her hometown to travel and live in many different parts of the globe due to a mother working for institutions such as the UN and World Bank.

By the age of 13, Nesma had already lived in five countries over three different continents, including Algeria, France, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the US. This melting pot of cultures influenced the formation of her identity and perspective of the world in many ways.  She draws from the many positive values she learned from living in African countries while utilizing the opportunities and structure that the West offered her.

Writing has always been a core part of her life from a young age.  The ease she feels writing is fueled by the insatiable desire to understand the world she lives in and to make a positive contribution, which led her to explore her creativity and passion for storytelling in many different ways over the years.

In 2007, while taking a cinema class as an elective at the French International High School in DC, Nesma’s short script “Soleil d’Orient” won first place at the International Francophone Screenwriting Contest it had been submitted to by the school. The film explored the theme of identity of second-generation Algerian immigrants in France through a multi-generational portrait of a family. It was after the success of this script that Nesma decided to explore the option of a career in the film and screenwriting world.

In 2009, while studying cultural studies and political science in Paris, Nesma co-founded the Franco-American “Edge Atlantic Film Festival” in partnerships with other students from la FEMIS (France's prestigious film school). The festival showcased independent American films in Paris that had not been distributed overseas and screened independent French films in New York, aiming to promote cross-cultural cinematographic exchange.

In 2010, during her first year as a student in New York, Nesma’s short script “Star Crossed Lovers” was nominated in the best screenplay category of the Fusion Film Festival. She produced and directed the film the following year.

During her years studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Nesma broadened her knowledge and sharpened her expertise in the Film and TV world through multiple internships with renowned companies such as Partizan and Magnolia Pictures, as well as through hands-on experience on professional sets.

After graduating from TISCH, Nesma continued to grow and work in the Film and Tv industry alongside shooting Fashion Photography. Some of her credentials includes brands and companies such as JUICE PRESS, GLOBAL CITIZEN, NXTVN, RISE & SET AGENCY, INDIGITAL MEDIA...

Drawing from eclectic cultural influences, Nesma hopes to create works that inspire her audience to reflect upon the society in which we live. Through the use of fictional settings she hopes to create a space where people can confront their own projections about reality and find the common threads that unite us all.

Avid globetrotter, fluent in English, French and Spanish, Nesma can easily work with clients based outside of the United States. She welcomes creative collaboration and looks forward to connecting with new people, brands, or ideas.

Nesma’s last narrative short “Double Exposure” is currently in the festival circuit waiting to premiere.

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye inside the head of a poet.
— Oscar Wilde